A bit more about me 🤔

I'm a Node.js & Objective-C engineer. These days I spent a lot of time designing and deploying applications on the AWS stack. I also throw together interfaces in Sketch sometimes. I live in a small town in Northern California. I'm a husband to a wonderful woman and father to six nutty kids.

I got my start as a designer but quickly pivoted to programming. After spending time working for a big company I decided that it would be awesome to work for myself, so I launched my freelancing gig under the banner of "Culturezoo" and did that for about six years. I got to work with some amazing people and companies during that time. Companies like Apple, MyFamily.com, EMI Music, Sony/BMG, Capitol Records, Raley's Supermarkets.

After burning out on freelancing, I left Culturezoo in 2011 and joined Riskalyze as a co-founder and Director of Engineering. Today Riskalyze is one of the most innovative tech startups in the financial industry and employs over 200 people. I wish I could take credit for some of that, but these days I'm only a cheerleader for this amazing company.

In 2013 my side-project, Droplr got legit and I moved to Bend, Oregon to be a co-founder and live the startup dream.

I ended up working for Droplr for 6 years and, in that time, I moved from Bend, to Portland, to California, to Poland. I've met so many incredible people during my tenure and I couldn't be more grateful.

These days I do consulting with a small number of clients. I play Americana music on the side and enjoy spending weekends working on my yard. I'm also currently administrator at my Lutheran church.

Recently I was interviewed on the Modern CTO podcast. I'm not sure how modern I am but I enjoyed talking with Joel and if you want to hear me fumble over words and try to sound intelligent, that link is for you.

If you're in my neck of the woods, I'm always open to talking. Beer or coffee are on me.

Otherwise, I'm at my desk, working on something new.

Cheers! 👋